At the back of The Eagle's Wing  is a list of the characters, but somehow only the first page of the list ever made it into print. Here therefore is a complete listing of the characters from The Eagle's Wing and The Hour of the Fox, including some who are mentioned in the text but haven't appeared (yet).

“White”, “Green”, “Blue” and “Red” refer to the four factions in the Western Senate:

The Whites are supporters of the Maximian Dynasty, and are strong among the military and the adherents of the state religion of Sol.
The Greens are the “peace party” led by Ogilo, with supporters among the nobility of the Province and the merchants of Trebenna.
The Blues are the party of the old aristocracy and common people of the City, and of adherents of the “Lesser Worship” of the Slave.
The Reds are the “war party” led by the Placidi and associated with the great landowners of Sybaris and the south; they have links to the Eastern Empire, and are adherents of the “Greater Worship” of the Slave.


The Court

Maximillus, Emperor in the West, son of †Emperor Maximus the Younger and grandson of †Emperor Maximus the Great
Ogilo, known as “the General”, Master of Horse & Foot, Imperial Guardian and military ruler of the West
Florianus, a eunuch, the High Chamberlain
Julian, assistant to Florianus

Minnermus, an elderly footman, Florianus's slave

Photon, a eunuch

Philoxas, a eunuch

Calixtus, the chief executioner

Calixta, his wife, supervisor of the Palace maids

Philotas ("Forlex"), a scribe

Urgo, a Guards officer

White Senators and their households
Senator Lentulus, City Prefect and chairman of the Senate
Senator Lentulus Pulcher, his brother
Senator Terentius Ager

Senator Marcus Anthemius Capito

Anthemia, his daughter

Senator Gaius Ambibulus Necro

"Flora", a handsome young litter-bearer

Blue Senators and their households

Senator Marcus Naevius, brother of †Naevia Senior (themother of Ogilo)

Senator Quintus Naevius

Naevia, his daughter

Cassia, her maid

Senator Marcus Vulpeculus

Green Senators and their households
Senator Lucius Pomponius Atticus
Davus, his freedman secretary
Sinica, a slave-girl
Beltran, a footman

Sonorus, a footman
Servo, a gatekeeper
Aulus Atticus (Faustus Pomponius Atticus Junior), son of Senator Faustus Pomponius Atticus and nephew of Senator Lucius Pomponius Atticus
Decimus, Aulus’s freedman
Senator Appianus Terebinthian
Senator Livius Ogulnius

 Livia Ogulnia, his daughter

Red Senators and their households
Senator Gnaeus Julius Placidus ("Fat Placidus")
Senator Gaius Julius Placidus, his brother("the Necromancer")
Sextus Placidus, son of †Senator Publius Julius Placidus, nephew of Senators Gaius and Gnaeus Julius Placidus
Julia Placida, daughter of †Senator Publius Julius Placidus, niece of Senators Gaius and Gnaeus Julius Placidus
Senator Gaius Cornelius Rufus
Cornelia, his daughter
Fannia, her cousin


Lollia Maxima

Labienus, a wealthy Sybarite merchant

Gorth of the Fish People, a slave-boy ("Aphroditus")

Porphyrius, a popular ballad-singer (also the name of Emperor Maximillus's pet dog)

Atticus, a famous charioteer
Senator Faustus Pomponius Atticus, Lord Governor of the North (a Blue)
Lady Pomponia Godslave, his wife
Castor, his freedman secretary
Phoenix, his steward
Tania, the head cook
Lelia, a kitchen-maid
Togulus, a gatekeeper
Leon, a footman
Derya Godseeker, maid to Lady Pomponia
Phrygillus, a slave-boy, the property of Castor
Gorgo, a gambler in Fanum Fortunae
Gorgias, his brother, a gambler in Fanum Fortunae
Sempronius, a Citizen soldier
Dexter, a Citizen soldier
Anicius, a lawyer
Senator Rhaetius, Lord Commander of the Seventh Division and  Military Commander in the North (a Green)
Senator Memmius, Lord Commander of the Fourth Division (a  Green)
Petronius, Senior Staff Officer of the Seventh
Gemmella, his housekeeper

Trebellius, Senior Staff Officer of the Fourth

Company-commander Decius
Sub-officer Thomasius
Sub-officer Grassica
Gemma, his housekeeper, Gemmella’s older sister

Gracchus, an interpreter
Troop-commander Urtho, of the Sueni
Turgulo, a Sueni cavalry-trooper

Geto, a Sueni cavalry-trooper

Orogo, a Sueni cavalry-trooper


Jenufa,  a maid at the Apple Tree Inn

Licia, another maid


Olympiodorus Postumus Tryphaenatus,  chief magistrate of Cestae

Fortunata, his wife

Olympiodora, their daughter
Olympiodorus Postumus Gannex, Tryphaenatus's brother, municipal treasurer of Cestae

Quintus Calendarius Portho, deputy magistrate, chief market inspector, and member of the municipal council of Cestae


Atticus Dako, a merchant

Serenus, a city councilor

Druvinna, a slave-woman

Orcus (“The smelly man”)
Thrasyllus (“Dirtyfingers”)
 “The Boss”
Victor, a Sybarite trader
Issachar of Maritima
Corvo, her father
Haimo, her grandfather
Hengilo, a young admirer

Gisso, his elder brother
Theodore II, Emperor in the East, son of †Emperor Theodore I and grandson of †Emperor Maximus the Great

Quintilianus Asper, Master of Horse & Foot in the East


Horkhon, Khan of Khans and Great King of the Blood-Drinkers

Khan Darkhon, his maternal cousin

Alumgar, Priest of the Dead and advisor to the Great King

Senator Ovidius, Lord Commander of the Eleventh Division

Sub-officer Senex of the Eleventh

Plancus, a government official
Manasa, a Sybarite slave

Ja-neh, a wise woman of the Little People